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Oo so...quiet!

Sat Jan 2, 2010, 4:44 PM

And let's never have it again. No time online is like being a caveman and...
It sucks!

Starting the machine...


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FEATURES + Photomanipulation Group

Sun Dec 13, 2009, 11:13 PM


Bottlescape by IreneLangholm Yabazz by EIII Evoke Mixtape by berthjan Survivor by FrozenStarRo REBUILD by ICDP CatWoman by AndreeaRosse There in the Winter Light by BaB-Jane Joker by inSOLense The Poltergeist by JesusCareaga Flower's people by marinalie Gate to heaven by Ory-arts Up on Cripple Creek... by nine9nine9 IMAGINE by xxhaven Secrets of Nyorai'Fo. by devils-horizon White guest. by daunhaus Zombie Remake by Nagrobek Follow your heart by Schnette Sisters by IdaLarsenArt La Duchess Anne by Blubirdz :thumb126977707:

Mature Content

office by welsix
'Lagrimas De Burbujas' by deadlybuterfly Land Rover - Concrete Jungle by funnydoodle Divine Cruelty by conzpiracy Best Friend by Pantoja :thumb120008438: Master of time by Black-Nemesi Expectations by lakoubi :thumb76084257:

Mature Content

Taken by skam4
Apperances are deceptive by MidnightStreet With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds by randomstarlight

Mature Content

Emotional rescue by Silvia15
  Eve by AndreeaRosse Be unstoppable by JaxeNL

As some of you might know, our Photo-manipulation -group is UP and running!
In the near future we want to highlight other related groups as well; and we're currently affiliated with some aspiring groups already; so take it on and let us know!

I've been having some issues with teh internetz again and it's bugging me out; there've been too many bugs around lately that's for sure!
Anyway, for the good and the better; thumbsup! :thumbsup:


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#Photo-manipulation is UP!

Fri Dec 4, 2009, 5:45 PM…...

means... :eager:

means: It's COMING


NOW MEANS: IT'S HERE: :groups:Photo-manipulation!

In full process of setting everything up as mentioned in the forum, poll and other previous communications, it's the intention of making this the #1 group for photomanipulation.
So feel all free to go and support it now already?


:icondestin8x: :iconcommunityrelations:

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FEATURES + Earn your calendar a DD !

Sat Nov 21, 2009, 7:07 PM

  • Tòtal madness! There's so much going on lately and there's no time to lose: racking up some smooth features from around the gallery + informing you about Calendar Day, taking place Monday 30 November and how YOU can come out of the closet and win a DD-feature on that very day!


held by nothing by damnengine dolly go to heaven by emohoc Ghost In The Trees by abuseofreason Life is heavy by talikf INVADERS by lora-zombie Autumn Strummer by kayceeus Well of Souls by Karezoid Demons Will Charm You by angel1592 Van Helsing by tomer666 2091,Rome:Steampunk Day by leox912 Steamcity's mr. President... by leox912 Alone in the dark II by vimark Tech Takeover by FatherofGod SPID by vezeta :thumb93283018: The Desolate Man by enigmasi .Witness the Earth's Reclaim by masKade :thumb127186794: A Soul's Silhouette by zbush The Mad Hatter by zbush :thumb142767946: Thrown away by Tourash drag by poisonvectors move your body by atmosphair3 Clockworx v3 by neodecay :thumb112252818: :thumb135271992: Fin del verano by ElenaDudina :thumb141714036: City Life by monkeyheadmushroom Triste danza by ElenaDudina :thumb143239821: :thumb101204418: Return To Reality by PericoDesign Through the depths of Hell by Cocodrillo :thumb126729519: A Break in the Monotony by Emerald-Depths downside of the upside by alltelleringet

Artcollective features

The last quarter of the year traditionally means a lot of international digital artcollectives launch new chapters/releases/experiments/packs/..
Indeed, we've been totally spoilt in the previous weeks.
Check out the following already jubilated, but not less recommendable releases:

  • Depthcore XXXVII - Freestyle
  • Slashthree 12 - "Steampunk"
  • Hit me up if you're part of an art-collective that you think should be featured!
  • CALENDAR DAY : 30 NOVEMBER 2009 Director of communityops, fourteenthstar, hit us up with the following announcement: "Following on from last year's 1st Calendar Day, I'm here to give you all a heads-up that this year's event will take place on MONDAY 30TH NOVEMBER.
    This will be a day where we fill up the Daily Deviations with calendars from every gallery, which are available for sale in our store."
    YES, this means I want to see, hear, feel, smell,...well, just let me notice you have a calendar that you believe appeals for this! Take it all the way to nail that special DD-feature :turbopoke: Wait, what are you waiting for? :-) :eager: GO CRAZY FOR THAT DD! note: As usual, the following photomanip-requirements apply:
    • Artist's last DD must be longer than 3 months ago
    • All works in the calendar must have stock-credits
    • Check Daily Deviation Guidelines* when in doubt
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Attention! Features! Ikea! 2012!

Sat Nov 14, 2009, 6:36 PM

I've been out recently and receiving quite a lot of calls for attention, support, feature requests,...
I believe it's my task to thoroughly keep an eye on what's going on inside the gallery and spend time on every aspect that's calling for action. I'm also working hard on the creation and establishment of a new calendar-system that allows us to double the amount of hours we can spend on our stints; but that's another story.

Anyway, "How will deviants find the right path that leads to my gallery?" is a question that's grown to be cliché to the max, nevertheless it keeps repeating itself and so should the proper answer, in my humble opinion.

  • Be the best deviant you can be: explore the world on DeviantArt like you want dA and its residents to explore you(rs). Paying attention to others most likely will increase traffic to your work. Mind to not just splash out comments for the sake of it; become part of a valuable community system and -spirit by submitting thoughtful yet constructive, supportive feedback. Opinions may differ, but make yours worth taking into account.
  • Put effort in your work: Lóts of effort. Impressive works are the result of an evolution in enhanced technique, vision, control of concept and visual intelligence. Focus on what's going on in contemporary art, on trends that passed by, articles and tutorials about them. Think about how to make your work original whilst being aware of these appealing elements. Mastering certain techniques frequently used is good, but develop your own style with the level of execution apprenticed.
  • Submit, enter, credit & shine: Submit your work the proper way. Uploading it to the right category might be pleasing to dA; it's not enough to capture the beholding eyes wanted. Be smart by adding the appropriate tags to your deviation, these filter out the works in the browsing-section. "My dog ate it" isn't going to be a helpful tag for an image displaying a redberry-cupcake (f.i.).
    Credit those who are entitled to it. Stock-images push you forth a great deal, so make sure you use them according to the owner's legal requirements and restrictions.
  • Enter contests: It cannot be stressed enough: seek highlights by entering contests displaying your work(s). These will also help you putting reality into perspective. Why was the result successful/disappointing? Find a momentum and keep it up, try improving yourself on every occassion. At all times, look around you and the results of your creativeness: how is it relating to those of your fellows as for originality, quality, popularity? Don't be tempted to copy styles upon that process; remind yourself to keep the focus on personal and unique twists. This will keep your work in the running for long-term success.
  • Be here for the long(er) term: Patience is the virtue. As in all stories, those who persist rate as candidates more likely to succeed. Just keep doing your stuff, along with the evolution through community feedback; be open to others and grow some elephant's skin where needed. Not all DeviantArt's residents, sadly, are coming on twice as nice. Binary communication is a tricky one that can often lead to misunderstandings and quarrels initially unintended. Steer away from that aspect affecting your spirit, and above all: keeping you from being creative - as that is what it's all about in the very first place. Your work should be doing most of the talking.
    Not dropping out and maintaining that good ol' art-community-spirit; it's going to be mighty rewarding in the long run!

    To follow véry soon

    Is going to cost me a fortune in the coming months..

    Will be preceding 2013*, both years with high's & low's; as ever life's certain T's.

    *most likely adopted by my new calendar-system as well..



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Grab a sixpack and drink 'em all at once
Time for a review on last month's DD-features from the Photomanipulation gallery. Galore!

Congrats to all artists featured and a whole lotta' thanksies to the beautiful people ("the beautiful people, the beautiful peopleee...") suggesting them!


Mature Content

60553 by kubicki
The Mask by KarimFakhoury Unforgiven by RoadioArts And The Giant Awoke - Selfpor. by GiuseppeParisi Id by voogee I can see you by Qarstar Sin Sisters by Bosslogix Omega Code by berthjan

Mature Content

Decompose by DerekEmmons
Mushroomer by barnaulsky-zeek What to Wear? by ThreeProngs Snorkel Salad by BlackScarletLove

Mature Content

BATTLE ANGELS by mariano7724
:thumb138840924: On an Island by Sidiuss Jumpers by GeeeO the show tonight by artiewantstodance Saturnine by Skategirl Fungusaurus by Onanymous :thumb139262213:

So someone questioned my selections the other day; i'd say these don't look too bad at all...

:heart: Destin8x



Sat Oct 31, 2009, 6:34 PM

As promised; a fresh battery of outstanding works from around our special gallery! :onfire:


Mature Content

Your Man Dream by FatherofGod
The Painter by theflickerees Dark memories caress by LuneBleu Reaper by FrozenStarRo ARCTIC.MONKEYS by ICDP ... das Herz, das lebt by Pixelnase Primary Life Pt2- DailyRoutine by Ecstatic-ectsy One day on earth by JJadek The fish born by JJadek :thumb136893619: Crazy Elephant by trygothic Our Secret Harbor by Foxfires Home of birds by Kleemass Harbor by Sedeptra Muted by ashsivils :thumb103386597: A Pink Dream by Juli-SnowWhite :thumb141404889: Judgement Day by alexiuss Way home by ChristasVengel :thumb140678636: Pool OF FearS by intano :thumb125896577: Golden Past by desired18 _____U N D E R W A T E R_____ by FRE513 Your Splitting Personality by silverin87 Welcome to Dreamland by capsnow CARNIVAL OF HORROR by mariano7724

Hope y'all have/had a great Walloheen; or at least in process of a productive and entertaining-refreshing spiritual week-end!


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So it's been a wacky 31 dayz for a tenth of an even wackier -good lord i'm just throwing in words i pretend exist- year!
A hard thing to admit is that i've missed quite some happenings here and although that doesn't make it less so; it's not entirely true.
I've been around watching the community play around, with an air of freshness and a growing tension towards this very scary day.
Some years ago this Halloween-mania arrived in Europe too (must've been by a scary boat or flying scissors) and i think it's just charming; but that's right about all there is to it for me. Every day's scarier than the one preceding it anyway :-)

Many have opened windows; reveiling fascinating self-triviae as part of this month's Promotional theme.
I've kept myself from it, but since i'm kind of a bending weirdo; i'll chip in some last-minute too :B

Some bits 'n bytes about
  • I lead a quadruple life as freelance graphic&webdesigner, maître d'hôtel, secret agent and, yours truly, gallery mod at dA.
  • I'm narcistic, egocentric, ambitious, cautious, bad to the bone and highly melancholic
  • I'm never serious when it comes down to being so, call me a protagonist of the anti-system!
  • Smoking is a very bad habit i feed, drinking will never become an issue but i love special beers (you gotta empty the glass your country fills best), and i dig the Roll in Rock 'n - oh I can go deep when distortion meets finely touched strings, M'me
  • To hell with Fibonacci, I work with my own mathematical system. When applying gradients, opacity and various other effects, i let the following numbers shape things up: 8, 23, 32, 41, 69 and 84. Cut me in if you'd win the lottery with those!
  • I never panic, which one day will undoubtly lead to a neurotic breakdown
  • Before falling in love with the image as source of art; i wrote proze, lyrics and strange poetry; well, all of 'em were quite odd.
  • I've got the hots for pony-tails in summer and black curly hair (no, not thàt ones) in other seasons.
  • Staying out of bed for too long makes me say awkward things

Yep, that about wraps it up for now!

Stay tuned for FEATURES coming up later today!
Save monkeys, shoot them into space!

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Support Sander-Seto!

Tue Oct 27, 2009, 7:31 PM

Support Sander-Seto

Terrible news has reached us at dA, regarding Sander-Seto's ultimate familycore.
His mother is in hospital again, after suffering a third heart-attack in a very short period.
I'd like to see some mass-support for this incredible young man; being it brief comments, contributed art, or any kind support you can think of. I know he's really going to appreciate it to the max.. :thanks:

  • Hang in mate!
  • :thumb93898110:

I've become an astronaut
Some of ya pro'ly noticed i've been quite biting the inactivity over the last days. For the moment i'm working on the satellites that circle around my planet of chaos; if you can think of commissions and clients as being outer-space, that is. And well, a 120,000 foot-pile of work being the planet.
Anyway, i'm decomposing but will be back at full force very shortly. There's no way an alienation's going to deprive me from the love around here! Death to malafide invasion!

Bear with me here; and don't forget to give Sander that big shout..

A kiss from my hot lips to y'all :kiss:

:iconblackheartplz: Destin8x

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FEATURES, #Photomanipulation, Love

Sat Oct 17, 2009, 7:52 PM

It's time for some eye-catching submissions. High-time!
fallen by poisonvectors One Shot by GeeeO Came, I show you my world... by Nataly1st Let Her Go by Bosslogix Mi vida en el bosque by ElenaDudina Ashes in a box of dreams by LuneBleu Antimatter by M232M Antimatter by zocafx Halloween Spells by FrozenStarRo AnatomEye by Bosslogix :thumb140551133: Treasures of the deep by FrozenStarRo Primary Life Pt2- DailyRoutine by Ecstatic-ectsy Urban Legend by AndreeaRosse Save my time by JJadek Fake Heroes real Idols by gromyko :thumb137314246: :.Rid Of Him.: by devilsoap :thumb140114749: Ventriloquist's Doll by xKimJoanne :.Queens Will Play.: by devilsoap Sonne by noMirar :thumb139792547: Take me higher by CindysArt Squiworld by Mr-Xerty Anduunie by Yasny-chan

Thanks to all peeps who suggested beloved deviations!

  • I got this note from the lovely bitchinblack with a rather interesting question...So i decided to post a poll and forum-thread on my profile, to find out if the addition of a :groups: for our gallery would be something worth the stretch...
  • Well, speaking about one màssive YES! I was in :aww: , to notice such incredible amount of (neo-)support.
    So- so far so good; the official release of :groups: isn't far away at all, i'm taking this collective shout into account for the campaign.

  • Q: "Is there going to be an official #group for Photomanipulation?"

    A:  Mòst definitely, or i'll chop off any chosen bodypart (tbd which and who's by a future poll that'll never be posted) :-)
  • Stay tuuuned! L<3ve :jackdirt: communityrelations Sincerely yours, Destin8x :icondestin8x:

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FEATURES + contests + love Ikue

Tue Oct 6, 2009, 12:24 PM

:thumb135271992: :thumb116846302: The World Is But A Dream by galefra :thumb139049054: Storybook by Schnette :thumb139331219: Where Autumn strolls by elanordh :thumb138173641: Corpse Bride by ValentinaKallias Tree of life by vimark
bb by poisonvectors Mr. sweet and awfull by soad2K :thumb139289324:

Mature Content

The Last Stand by kuschelirmel
For My Sisters by angel1592 you must be cheating by atmosphair3 Schneckenhaus by Pixelnase Waiting for my prince by Lillucyka Gallery by AnnMei planeador by poisonvectors

Mature Content

60553 by kubicki
:thumb138647462: I get what I deserve by AF-studios GHOST OPERA by intano Burning Love by Pixelnase Alice in Wonderland by atmosphair3 I can see you by Qarstar


Hail Chris, hail Ikue!
Go hug 'n kiss 'n tell Chris' page that you love his smexy CR-css;
you know that very one that makes up this journal-lay-out. Aaaayt!


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Congrats to all featured artists and their works for last month's efforts, along with their suggesters; keep making our gallery that wonderful place it is! :heart:

Also, maintain that rising number of suggestions, making it harder and harder to choose; there's nothing more a GM can wish than an inbox full of smexy eyepopping candy :horny: And oh do i love making these babies? They're bringing in the prospect of loads and loads of :cookie:s and mmm:milk: deliciaaaz

Bioenergy by M232M Facing Perfection by ActYos The forgotten by CassiopeiaArt Atlas' Having A Break by Syst-eeem :thumb135465214: Death of Humanity by MoOnshine90 Gates of Delirium by edlo TOUCH ME by notmystyle WildWest by Drake1024 Brainstorm by m4gik gettin over by Des3rt :thumb137476606: crossing worlds. by denkyo HANG 'EM HIGH by FreshIsrael Crowneddd by ENZZOK Anima+Animus by evenz I'm busy and I'll call you by Taborda08

Mature Content

She is by rgquarkup
Detroit Muscle by mug25 Adrenaline Rush by FatherofGod

Muchas love,

:icondestin8x: :iconcommunityrelations:


Journal Entry: Sat Sep 26, 2009, 12:27 PM

  • Destin8x Stamp by Thiefoworld


Every occassion is good to throw in some quick goodies!  
I'd like to declare that suggestions for features are definitely cheered (-there, i did :-)) !


SO THEN there's this thing called CONTESTS to go in overdrive; to showcase, to separate the thinkers from those doing...kick-ass (not the groin people) stuff! hoozay!
Alrighty: feel free to note me your photomanipulation-related contest if you need some additional pro-motion!

And get started on the following!

Autum Wonders

Playing in Dead World

<a href=">DeviantART > hq > communityrelations >

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Photomanipulation CONTESTZ peepz ! + Webster

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 17, 2009, 7:48 PM

  • Destin8x Stamp by Thiefoworld

SO it's that time of year: flora's starting to develop the most wonderful colours; smelly children starting new endless days on rough desks -hopefully getting as creative on them as possible; where upon i must advise removable ink or pencil- , the first shops displaying this year's christmas-decoration start to -disgracefully- appear...BUT; as many are forced inside given the factors mentioned above; ppl start getting ever so creative! And there's time! Aaah yes :dance:

SO THEN there's this thing called CONTESTS to go in overdrive; to showcase, to separate the thinkers from those doing...kick-ass (not the groin people) stuff! hoozay!
Alrighty: feel free to note me your photomanipulation-related contest if you need some additional pro-motion!

And get started on the following!

Autum Wonders

Playing in Dead World

Note: i regret having used the term "smelly" as adjective on children. I agree a certain yet small percentage of today's children will be the leaders of tomorrow. Undoubtly those with a fair amount of lust and affection for the photomanipulation gallery!

Also; for the person(s) interested in contributing ideas, pointing out terribleness,...yeah, i'm nearing a satisfactory result as for my online presence. Next up will be updating the content with fresh! work.

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Hej + FEATUREZZZ + PM tips!

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 10, 2009, 2:23 PM

  • Destin8x Stamp by Thiefoworld

Welcome back!

  • Why thank you! Indeed i've been in and out over the last couple of days, sincere apologies for that, all this due to tech problems with internetz and stuff (sometimes i dislike "stuff", it's just só unpersonal)
    Aaanyways, things should be back to rock-mode now! :onfire:
  • I noticed a staggering growth of suggestions being dropped in my notebox; which i can't explain, but i'm digging it to the max: thanks!:thumbsup:


It's been wày too long since there have been features from my end; so let's not waste any more words and let's get busy!

And some make it up ;-)

Thanks y'all for suggesting the wonderful works; keep bringing 'em up! :excited:

7 Tips to Improve Your Manipulations!

Quality guru FatherofGod just posted a really helpful journal to improve your photomanip-skills and create stand-out work! Go check it out!


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August Daily Deviations + Feature + Contest!

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 1, 2009, 4:43 PM

  • Destin8x Stamp by Thiefoworld

Daily Deviations' collection: August 2009

They're all handed over, consumed :-) and 'ey, COLLECTED

Feature > Artgroups > DigitalFlow

The young lads of have recently released a new artpack. I highly recommend the stretch to have a look into it!

Photomanip Stamp Collection</b>

Photomanip Stamp Collection by Destin8x
Turned out to be quite the boomer, but i was wondering upon submitting the goodies as a downloadable zip-file, if it wouldn't be better to upload each stamp, so to make it more li(n)k-able for use in journals e.g. Well that's actually the stupidest question to "the self" in a heck of a long time. I mean: it's easy for me, having serverspace all over and familiar with CSS; and if anyone was in desperate need of it as linkable :thumb:, the question shall raise itself.

Note: I defo need to save the thinking first, then write the journal content

CONTEST coming up!

Head over to AndreeaRosse's poll, and register yourself for non-participation in the upcoming contest!
I jùst know it"ll be zupakewl, it will be co-organised by FrozenStarRo

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Alas! This is the first collection of a series that hopefully will last at least 'till the day our gallery has conquered the world {...}
It has been a unique month with overloads on work, emotions, things to learn, devious fun, hot smexyness, mjaaass support [:heart:!] which i all took with the greatest appreciation and dA-love.

The Daily Deviations that were awarded this month are a mix of excellent suggestions along with works that did something to me, evoked a feeling, brought up a concept that was worth the stretch.
Behold and keep bringing 'em up!

Mature Content

Femmella by d4m
:thumb131573851: :thumb130329254: Love. by farplane-photography First Movement by Tourash :thumb130673779: The dream of a thousand chairs by Luincir :thumb114978955: The Escape by JaxeNL

Mature Content

A Perfect Spot by Cutteroz
Pressure by Aegis-Illustration - Never ending story - by SandyLynx The Warrior by saperlipop Pastel Gaze by Emerald-Depths Lennie Small by nine9nine9  Cuore di Donna by Nataly1st the scientist by felipmars My childWoods book by leox912 Apple vs Arrow by WarpTheWorld march of the colossi by TeeAl

Mature Content

333 by marinalie
Passengers by Apachennov T w i s t e d by Koshka-Black Joy Division - Digital by ram0n3 Little Fish Out of Water by phatpuppy

Thanks a bunch to all those suggesting and big ups for the featured ones! Also, the muchas-est of love for IreneLangholm, who's been tremendously supportive and helpfull in the process of steering my way into GM-ship!

Yours truly,


New Photomanip-group + IN-release + ^ to `

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 28, 2009, 8:22 PM

  • Destin8x Stamp by Thiefoworld

New group for photomanipulation-alpha's

Max6 and theflickerees have founded a new group, promoting the photomanpulation gallery. Big ups! Expect to see plenty of features, tricks-tips-tutorials and such candy in the near future..

read the article + the latest journals for more info

Pay the group, the contributors and of course, the caretakers a li'l kind visit!

Intrinsic Nature 6

The international art-collective Intrinsic Nature just released its 6th pack, and it's worth every stretch! As i'll be featuring all releases by international artgroups in the future, bet your bottoms on it they're all loaded with stand-up quality works and artists. Needless to say all the talent rooted on DeviantArt ey? Word :-)

From ^ [volunteer/GM] to ` [sung hero never to be forgotten]

It's sad to see good people go, for one. But after the recent departure of FaMz on the CR-team, now have followed bypass2020 (photography) and OneFreeInternet (Anime/Manga) ... an immense shout of appreciation for their dedication and words of support as they go on to focus harder elsewhere are most welcome! :heart:

Aighty aight, major features coming up + delicious news! Summer's about to be gone, so does the distracting work keeping me from posting hot stuff every 3,2 seconds ;p


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Welcome new hat, thanks departed + features!

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 21, 2009, 5:49 PM

  • Destin8x Stamp by Thiefoworld


Well aware certain things may not be interesting for our gallery's ppl to pay attention to, but i highly support the overall community and all of trades between specific art-types, so get a load of the following:

Please go congratulate CookiemagiK, the new addition to the absolutely friggalicious emoticon gallery!
Fo shizzle some wicked funstuff will come out of the co-op between him and the ever so great Synfull :b0x0rz: -> for example! :-)

Also, give a big shout of thanks to FaMz who gave r all for the conceptual photography gall,
and moves on in pursuit of success at final year of college; and therefor handed in her ^.

Aighty aight, hooray for groupies!


And ey, thanks a bunch y'all for the support in my first weeks!

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